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Coming in fall 2010
new biology course
for non-science majors


Published: Friday, April 30, 2010

Updated: Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:05

Fall 2010 an alternative biology course for nonscience majors will be offered by the Life Science Department.

The new course, BIO 1340, will fulfill the general biology requirement for undergraduate students and discuss the relationship between basic biological principles of human health and disease. 

This will be done by applying the scientific method to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer and obesity.

"When students are more interested in topics they tend to do better," Dr. Daniel Williams said. 

The purpose of the course is to provide an alternative for students who failed BIO 1301.

Drs. David Kump and Williams, assistant professors of biology, helped  establish the new course.     

"We are not lowering standards but giving students topics they're more interested in,"  Kump said.

Kump said he believes the reason that grades were poor in BIO 1301 is associated with students' low attendance.

If a student failed BIO 1301, the new course will not replace the failing grade on the student's transcript.  

Also this course does not fulfill prerequisite requirements for BIO 2311 or BIO 1331. 

"Healthcare professions should not register for BIO 1340," Dr. Williams said.

 "This is considered a general interest course and not a prerequisite course." 

 Dr. Donna Pierre, chair  of life science, said "The Department of Life Sciences is excited about offering additional general education biology courses.  

"It is our hope that students will be interested in the Human Biology and Disease course. We believe that interest leads to success."

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